Join the Cypress Art League and Support Your Fellow Artists

Dues for the year 2020 are $25.00 per year. Family membership is $30.00. Show your appreciation for the wonderful programs and gallery shows that are supported by your Cypress Art League dues.

Many new events and activities have been planned for the next year, and your financial support is needed to ensure that the Cypress Art League will thrive in all creative pursuits.

Please print out this form, fill it out, and return it to the membership chair, Donna Dean. You can also use this form to inform us if you have a new address, phone number, e-mail address, or fax number. You can submit the form even if you are not paying dues at the present time.

When the form is complete, either bring it to our next meeting, or mail it to Donna Dean, Membership Chair, Cypress Art League, P.O.Box 2205, Cypress, CA 90630


NAME: _____________________________________________________________

ADDRESS: __________________________________________________________

CITY: ___________________________  STATE: ________ ZIP: ___________

E-MAIL: _________________________  PHONE: _________________________

FAX: ____________________________  CELL/VOICE MAIL: _______________

Dues Enclosed:  $_____________________  Check Number: _____________


( ) I am interested in helping the Cypress Art League: Indicate a particular area (i.e., Gallery exhibits, show planning, helping our refreshment crew, planning outdoor painting trips, workshops, outside exhibits for members, starting a mini "gift shop" in our gallery showcase, etc.)

Dues are payable in January and considered delinquent on March 31st