Hedi Roethel is an award winning watercolor artist. She graduated with a degree in art from California State University, Long Beach, where she was exposed to and worked in many mediums.

Over the years she has chosen to mostly express herself artistically in the often difficult watercolor medium. Expressive, colorful, portraits in watercolor, which combine realism with loose brush work, are her specialty. She also paints landscapes, often with architectural elements, and she considers those also as "portrait" work.

Hedi has been active in the Cypress Art League for over 20 years in various positions on the board of the League. In the past, she has also taught drawing classes here in Cypress to grade school students.

Hedi finds the creative process of painting endlessly challenging, inspiring, and also very satisfying.    

Those interested in contacting Hedi can do so through the Art League website, info@cypressartleague.com



"Fiesta Bellagio"


"Roman Sanctum"


"Cappuccino Break"


"Isabella (wearing fascinator)"








"Green in Green (Jessica)"



"On the Cusp"



"Summer Fun"




"Roman Rooftops"




"Angel Trumpets"




"Making His Move"